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After graduating from the Musashino Art University,she worked at a large electrical goods manufacturer and then founded Design Studio S. She has been working on many projects with domestic and overseas brands, including electronic goods, daily goods, medical equipment, and hotel creative direction. She has received among others the iF Gold Award, and the Design for Asia Top, Culture, and Gold Awards. Works as Professor of Tama Art University and Judging Committee Chair of the 2018-2019 Good Design Awards. Author of the book 'Forms within Forms.'

柴田 文江
デザインスタジオエス 代表
武蔵野美術大学工芸工業デザイン学科卒業後、大手家電メーカーを経てDesign Studio S設立。 エレクトロニクス商品から日用雑貨、医療機器、ホテルのトータルディレクションなど、国内外のメーカーとのプロジェクトを進行中。iF金賞(ドイツ)、red dot design award、毎日デザイン賞、Gマーク金賞、アジアデザイン賞大賞・文化特別賞・金賞などの受賞歴がある。多摩美術大学教授、2018-2019年度グッドデザイン賞審査委員長を務める。著書『あるカタチの内側にある、もうひとつのカタチ』。

Design Studio S

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Arm chair / FLEX FORM

The form is like being gently embraced by a soft collar. Seaters are able to maintain their personal space while feeling open to the outside by supporting a moderately high backrest and outline. Its plump curved leg surfaces and round backrest create a relaxed atmosphere. As well, the chair can be viewed as an element of adding feeling of ease and generousness in a space. 

Bamboo Forest

Glass lighting series / BROKIS

Bamboo Forest draws inspiration from the vertical contours rising up in stands of bamboo. Conceived to evoke a unique atmospheric ambience, the handsculpted glass forms a bamboo stalk complete with the typical nodal ring, where the material thickens, creating a soft accent in the form of subtle shadows. With different sizes and varying positions of the node on the stalks, thanks to which the origins of the collection are at once recognizable, compositions of multiple lights transform the interior into a sanctuary replete with the soothing tranquillity of a natural bamboo forest.


Suitcase / franky, Inc.

Not only is the moln suitcase functional, but it also stands out thanks to its tasteful form which resembles the work of a master artisan, and its beautiful earthy color palette. We have paid particular attention to details such as the metal fittings, stitches and belts, aiming to create a faux leather case which fits pleasantly in the hand and can be carried around effortlessly. earthy color palette. We have paid particular attention to details such as the metal fittings, stitches and belts, aiming to create a faux leather case which fits pleasantly in the hand and can be carried around effortlessly.


Glass lighting / BROKIS

It draws its inspiration from “bonbori”, traditional Japanese paper lights that illuminate the main roads to shrines during festivals. The word “bonbori” also refers to small houses made of snow. The gorgeous lights which illuminate them also served as a source of inspiration. BONBORI is a gentle light nestled in hand-blown glass that also pays homage to another traditional Japanese light, the “toro”. What makes BONBORI truly magical is its power to warmly illuminate both the time you spend alone as well as the time you spend with your family and friends.



Working chair / ITOKI

The vertebra03 is a work chair which harmonizes with the flexible working style of the future. Unlike conventional office furniture, its appearance and comfort are perfect for both living and work thanks to its advanced mechanisms. The vertebra03 impresses with its high extensibility which allows its user to freely customize it according to their preferences and the space.


Capsule hotel / nine hours Inc.

Resetting your day, from one day to the next, requires three basic actions: showering, sleeping, and changing clothes. We simply replace these actions with the time needed for each:1h + 7h + 1h
Based on this simple and straightforward concept of hotel-living, 9h (ninehours) offers accommodations ideal for urban stays at a value that’s unprecedented and unparalleled in the world. As 9h's Creative Director, Shibata is involved in product design, starting with the concept of the hotel.



Glass ligting series / BROKIS

With its shape inflated and seeming to trap air within it, AWA is a light fixture which has been designed based on the image of bubbles rising to the surface when looking up from underwater. “Although glass is hard, it is also a soft material, and it is the best material to give a certain shape an impression of moisture.” Made by BORKIS’ skilled artisans, AWA is a beautifully organic design which uses blown glass to its maximum effect.


Flower Vase / HOLMEGAARD

The design reflects cherry blossoms in the world of glass and is inspired by traditional Japanese flower arrangement (Cado). It also derives its name from the French word “cadeaux”, meaning “gift”. CADO consists of two colored pieces of blown glass: the pink lower vase, which can be decorated with flowers and branches, and the clear upper vase, which can be decorated with petals and pebbles. The pieces can be stacked or used individually, making it easy to incorporate in your lifestyle regardless of the season.




Table ware series


Kitchen knife series / tadafusa



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